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Essenza Eau De Parfum 75ML

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A complete reimagination of the original fragrance, it boldly emphasizes its most intense and luxurious dimension, squarely aiming for ultimate glamour and extreme sexiness. The Roberto Cavalli Essenza woman never goes unnoticed. Strong-minded and daring, she embraces the power of her femininity. Roberto Cavalli Essenza opens with a provocative note of bitter almond. Instantly recognizable, it captures the attention and exerts a long-lasting fascination on the senses. This dramatic prelude paves the way for the warm and seductive heart note of orange flower absolute. A trademark of the original signature perfume, the orange blossom is taken one step further into sheer voluptuousness and luxurious sensuality. The closing note of vanilla absolute adds a touch of mystery, leaving an intriguing trail that is guaranteed to turn heads.

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