It’s a brand new year for Wow by Wojooh, and we are celebrating with one of our favorite brand new PRODUCTS – the Mosaic Madness Eye Shadow Palette!


Who doesn’t love a great eye shadow palette? It’s an essential to all girls out there! A perfect nude with a touch of glitz, those dark shades for a great smokey eye, some feminine pinks and of course the ultimate metallic. The Mosaic Madness Palette has it all – get your hands on it fast, it’s a limited edition.

Our New Year’s resolution? Step up our beauty game! This palette covers ALL the shades you will need for the new YOU. Check out our 3 signature looks we created with this awesome palette. Grab a mirror, pick up those brushes and let the makeovers begin.


A Dark Mystery



Let’s start off the year with an air of mystery – a completely new you. What better way than with a dramatically smokey eye! This year, replace your regular grey smokey with a touch of teal. Start off by dressing the eyelid with our Chrome Crystals. Use the dark grey Ash Aura to fill in the crease of the eye and right at the corners for that dark shadow. Blend using the Silver Stone – the mix of the Silver Stone and Chrome Crystals will give that amazing trending greyish teal shade that we have to watch out for for 2016!


The Romantic Gypsy




Can we get any more feminine than this? Match those eyes with our Lipstuck in Oud Rose for those totally trending matte lips. Use the White Succar as a base on the eyelid, and then apply the Lavender Smoke along the crease of the eye and at the edge – for that dark shade! Using the Marshmallow Shine blend in the middle of the eyelid to ensure a smooth transition from light the dark. Finish off the look with a pair of our Lash Over, Lavish Lashes.

A Bronzed Beauty




From the soft beach waves, to the bronzed cheeks, mysterious eyes and of course that matte lip – who wouldn’t want to kick off the year with this look! Start off the eye with our Caramel Caftan, apply this all over the eyelid and right at the inner corner or the eye for a natural pop. Use our Mocha Chocolata for the crease and edge of the eye for a deep brown. Now it’s time for some shimmer! Finish off the look with the Samra Sunrise in the middle of the eyelid and a small sweep under the lower lash line. Finish off the look with our Lipstuck in Henna Stain for that matte marsala lips.



Don’t forget to protect that beautiful face of yours – picking out the right make up remover is essential to all beauty lovers! To ring in the New Year, Wow by Wojooh is also launching its brand new trio of Ritual Essentials Make Up Remover. From our Eye & Lip Waterproof Remover, to our Gentle Milk Makeup Remover and last but not least our Cleansing Water Makeup Remover, Wow by Wojooh has it all. Pass by and ask one of our Make Up Specialists which is the right one for you, for a flawless and squeaky clean face at the end of every day!

Pass by your closest Wojooh store this January to check out our brand new Mosaic Madness Eyeshadow Mix: Edition 1.