The best moisturizers for men

Hydrate Your Skin!

Gentlemen summertime is upon us with its high temperatures and dehydration problems, making it increasingly important to drink a lot of liquids and hydrate inside out all through this ever-melting season.

Being proactive and taking care of your skin regiment is key , and never forget that little goes along way when it comes to skin moisturizers.

Our skincare experts have selected our top 3 moisturizers for men taking you through their benefits and their application processes,

The Clinique broad spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer: The Clinique moisturizer is an oil free formula designed to be quickly absorbed by your skin giving you the daily hydration you need.To apply it, simply dab it onto your face and neck twice a day (morning and evening) or whenever you feel your skin is dry.This moisturizer also serves as sunscreen, with SPF 12 for daily UV protection, perfect for the men that forget to use sunscreen or for those that only prefer using one product.

The Clarins Super Moisture BalmUp your moisture game with ClarinsMen’s super moisture balm. Apply the balm in the morning after shaving and at night in order to protect your skin from the dehydration caused by air conditioning.The Clarins balm will comforts skin after shaving, soften, tone and moisture-perfect while shielding your skin with a patented anti-pollution and sun or cold weather complex.

The Lancôme Hydrix Micro Nutrient Moisturizing BalmThe Lancôme balm offers daily skin moisturizing enriched with micro-nutrients especially chosen for men thus offer far more than just hydration. The micro encapsulated tri-ceramids with Vitamin E Micronutrients (vitamins and royal jelly) & Shea butter with emollient properties Coprah and Palm vegetal oils will leave you with a clear, even-toned, luminous complexion for the rest of day.The balm application is easy; just pat your whole face with your fingertips using the balm twice a day (morning and evening).

We have to say, we're very proud that men are being proactive and taking care of their skin. After all, everyone deserves some pampering. 

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