Statement Brows

Statement Brows by Wow by Wojooh

Statement brows have been making a bold appearance on the runway and red carpet, complementing every look and complexion. Meticulously sculpted or wild and full, brows have a way of silently conveying emotion, whether commanding attention while arched in surprise or furrowed in concentration.

And, while the catwalk is the perfect stage for any kind of exaggeration, in real life, a good brow shape is one of the easiest ways to get an instant make-over by simply making sure they match the shape of your face.

The How

Seem like reason enough to expertly shape yours? Ahead are the tips for making over your brows by the Wow by Wojooh beauty experts. The process is the same for everyone as it's a simple matter of working out the facial symmetry and getting the right kit that consists of a good set of tweezers, an eyebrow brush, the Wow by Wojooh Master Brow Creation Kit and the Wow by Wojooh Masterbrow Pencil to fill them up beautifully.

Start by brushing your brows in an upward motion to reveal their ideal shape and instantly lift your face. Use the eyebrow brush as a ruler and hold it against the left side of your nose, your eyebrow should start at the location where the brush hits your brow bone. Mark the spot and continue by lining the brush up diagonally so that it crosses your left pupil. Your eyebrow arch should be the point where the brush hits your brow bone.To know where your eyebrow should end, just line the brush up diagonally so that it crosses the outer corner of your eye. Repeat these steps with the right side.

Once you’re done tweezing, the real work comes in; fill, fill, fill your brows whether they have gaps or not by using the Wow by Wojooh Masterbrow pencil if you have thin brows and the Wow by Wojooh Masterbrow creation kit if your brows are full.

When using the Masterbrow pencil, start with a small amount and then add more to build intensity. The Masterbrow pencil is a waterproof eyebrow pencil with a wax formula that gives you a silky finish in 3 amazing colors. It can also be used on a full set of brows because of its super thin and fine tip that can mimic hair-like strokes and fill your brows or the gaps in them naturally.

If you are more conformable using the Masterbrow creation kit: a palette with a 4 different shades and a brush; we recommend you work the product into your brows with the brush by mixing a bit of the darker tones with the lighter ones for a more natural effect. The Masterbrow creation kit will smooth out your brow hairs and keep them in place even after using it thanks to its wax base.

It’s no secret that standout brows will continue to dominate any beauty look, and so investing in the perfect brow revival kit is more than a necessity.

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