Shereen Mitwalli

Every girl has a different makeup story - with a different makeup closet!

Us girls at Wojooh pay a visit to some of our favorite makeup lovers for a girly rendez-vous, where we have them spill all their beauty secrets!

Shereen Mitwalli, TV presenter, socialista and an ultimate beauty from Dubai! Australian born and raised – Shereen is now the founder and CEO of a female community in the Middle East called “The Female Network”, an online business platform bringing together women of the Middle East. Check it out at!

Shereen Mitwalli

What is your ultimate beauty secret?

Shereen: 1. Look after your skin first and foremost… This is the real foundation to your makeup. If your skin is hydrated, your makeup will glide on. 2. Primer!! I love using a primer before applying my foundation. The best primer I’ve used is Benefits 3. What works for others, won’t necessary work for you! 4. Master doing your own makeup. Watch tutorials! 5. Master the art of lashes. Lashes do so much to your face and for me in particular, it opens my eyes. I rarely go on stage without lashes.

Shereen Mitwalli

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

Shereen: Moisturiser and mascara - Keeping my skin hydrated is so important as I moisturise day and night. Mascara - simply because it opens my eyes and makes me look normal!

What is your morning beauty ritual?

Shereen: Morning ritual, I usually get up and start my day with Japanese green tea and play with my gorgeous dog Roxette. I then start getting ready to head to my office which to be honest, doesn’t take me too long. As long as I’ve selected my outfit for the day - I can have my makeup done in 10 minutes. After 15 years of applying makeup - I think I’ve mastered the process!


 If you were stuck on an island and had to take 3 things with you what would you take?

Shereen: 1. Waterproof mascara - so I can swim without looking like a monster! 2. Sunscreen - So I can remain youthful 3. Moisturizer so I feel hydrated.

 How would you describe your style? Who is your style icon?

Shereen: My style is very simplistic I don’t tend to wear lots of makeup unless I have a very special engagement. My style icons are idols such as Queen Rania, Coco Chanel. Elegant and timeless. I was more adventures in my 20’s with my style, but as I entered my thirties and married a classic English man - I’ve learned less is more.

Shereen Mitwalli

What is a beauty rule you believe every woman should abide by?

Shereen: Drink lots of water, fall in love and smile lots.

We believe fashion is the ultimate beauty accessory, do you agree? And Why?

Shereen: I believe your ultimate beauty accessory is your smile and energy. No designer dress can substitute.


And that’s a wrap for this edition of beauty closet! We loved getting to know Shereen and all of her beauty secrets! Follow her @shereenmitwalli for a glimpse into her fabulous life of fashion and beauty.