It’s all about your brows!


The new “it” accessory right now has to be – the perfect eye brows. Wow by Wojooh knows how important brows are to finish off any makeup look which is why we have developed the perfect line of brow essentials! Our favorite brow tool has to be the Wow by Wojooh Master Brow – Eyebrow Creation Kit – this unique brow kit includes a soft nonstick wax and 3 shades of light airy powders to mix and match for the perfect brow color.

When going for the perfect brow we have to keep 3 things in mind: defined, natural, and strong. It’s super trendy right now to make a statement with strong eyebrows – especially in this region! Follow these simple steps to create the ULTIMATE brow:

Apply a thin coat of the wax to the eyebrow; this will make sure that the powder stays on all day and all night without budging! It doesn’t only make it long-lasting but the wax also makes the look waterproof – so no matter how hot it gets, your eye brows will beat the heat!

Outline your brow using the Angled Brow Brush (included in the kit) in the desired shape with a darker shade.

*Tip: You should shape your eyebrow according to the shape of your face. Check out our chart below to see what the perfect brow shape is for you!

Fill in the outline with a lighter shade, you can mix and match the 3 shades from the palette to create the perfect shade for your eyebrow!

*Tip: The perfect shade for your brow should always be about 1 shade lighter than your hair color!


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