Guilty Nails

Guilty Nails

It’s fall – swap in your regular mani for a bit of neutral and sparkle!

This season why not juj up your French mani to match your fall wardrobe. Replace your regular French base coat with a warm Dulce de Leche OPI nude, and go for some glitz instead of the usual white tips with our Wow by Wojooh Gold Souk.

Us girls at Wojooh are not only Nail Art crazy – but also fragrance obsessed. This Nail Art look was inspired by one of our faves – Paco Rabanne Lady Million .

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Start by applying 1 layer of Wow by Wojooh base & top coat to each nail. Allow 2-3 minutes to dry before moving on to the next step to avoid creating bubbles on the surface of the nail.

Step 2: Apply 1 layer of OPI Dulce de Leche to each one of your nails. Let dry.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 to get a solid color. Let dry.

Step 4: Once your nails are completely dry, place the nail guide stickers on all your nails to make drawing the perfect tip easier.

Step 5: Take Wow by Wojooh Gold Souk nail polish and lightly brush the color onto the tips of your nails. Let dry.

Step 6: Repeat step 5 to get a solid color. Let dry.

Step 7: Finish the look by applying a layer of the Wow by Wojooh base & top coat to all your nails.

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