How to groom like ... Mehdi Mabrouk

Wojooh takes pride in the art of grooming – just like some of our favorite men!

We sat down with some of this regions most influential men and asked them to reveal all of their grooming secrets – from their ultimate grooming icon, to their favorite aftershave.

Mehdi Mabrouk – luxury and lifestyle journalist – sat down with Wojooh and answered all of our grooming questions. Check it out and discover how to groom like…..


Talking Grooming with Mehdi

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Mehdi:  I am an easy going, passionate and optimistic person; always looking at the brighter side of life and enjoy keeping my beard and hair up to par.

Who is your ultimate grooming icon?

Mehdi: It is a tough one. I really like the way Adam Levine and David Beckham can pull off almost any beard or hair style. But if I had to choose one icon it would be my dad. I was always fascinated, as a kid, by how he shaved his beard and by his grooming habits.

What is your morning grooming ritual?

Mehdi: Wash my face, look in the mirror and assess the situation, in that order. I usually wash my face with Cedrat Soap and apply some moisturizer from L’Occitane En Provence. The heat in the region can really hurt your skin so I always make sure to hydrate my skin to preserve it.

Do your prefer – a clean shave, some stubble or a full grown beard?

Mehdi: I am more of a stubble person but sometimes when I have an important meeting or a celebrity interview I get a clean shave. Even though I look like I am 16 with no beard the clean shave is a neat and timeless look. Full grown beard? I wish but unfortunately I can’t pull it off yet.


What is your top grooming secret?

Mehdi: Hydration, sleep and the right amount of grooming products. You have to let your skin breathe, you have to know when to apply products and when not to.

Do you shave with or against the grain and why?

Mehdi: It is actually the first time I think about how I shave. I do not shave with a blade so against the grain is my method of choice. Why? Simply because it is easier and faster. It came naturally when I started shaving.

What is your favorite grooming product?

Mehdi: I am a big fan of perfumes. I think fragrances are an extension of who we are. You wear different clothes depending on your mood and unconsciously I choose which fragrance I will wear depending on mine.

Are you a DIY guy (do it yourself) or do you prefer to visit your favorite barber?

Mehdi: I like to do it myself on a daily basis, however if there’s a special occasion I go to the barber to get my beard trimmed. Sometimes you have to let the pros do their job.

What is your signature aftershave?

Mehdi: Azzaro Chrome, one of the many things I picked up from my dad. It reminds me of my youth and of good times with my dad.

Do you combine both aftershave and fragrance?

Mehdi: Not really, Chrome has strong scent, but sometimes depending on my mood I try things.


If so – what is your go to fragrance for everyday?

Mehdi:  On a daily basis I am a fan of Chopard’s Malaki line so Oud Malaki, Rose Malaki and Amber Malaki are my go to fragrances. I just love the wood and flower blend, it kind of represents my background, a bit of East and West.



Do you use a different fragrance for a night out?

Mehdi: I do just because I associate certain scents with work and others with fun. When I go out with my friends I like fresh fragrances such as 1 Million by Paco Rabanne or Boss Bottled.

How would you describe your signature scent? Oud, Woody, Strong, Fresh?

Mehdi: I would go with Oud and Woody in the winter and Fresh in the summer. I love the smell of Oud when I am back home in France during winter and the floral scents when I am in Dubai. So Oud Malaki for winter and Boss Bottled for summer.

How often do you get a hair trim?

Mehdi: I get a trim once a month, I like to change hairstyles once in a while and I am not afraid of trying new things as long as it is not too drastic.

Are you the type of guy that uses hair products or do you leave it au naturel?

Mehdi: Au naturel 100% the only thing that I used when I have to is hair gel. The same way I try to let my skin breathe I like to let my hair be. I would not want to lose it too soon.

What celebrity hair style would you compare yours to?

Mehdi: To be honest I would not compare my style with anyone’s because celebrities are trendsetters and we all get inspired by their hair style. I really like Beckham’s latest hairstyle though. I think footballers are trendsetters when it comes to hair style, their style usually go from the pitch to the streets, just look at Cristiano Ronaldo.