Groom like Ahmed el Sayed

How to groom like ... Ahmed El Sayed

Wojooh takes pride in the art of grooming – just like some of our favorite men!

We sat down with some of this regions most influential men and asked them to reveal all of their grooming secrets – from their ultimate grooming icon, to their favorite aftershave.

Ahmad El-Sayed – Fashion Designer of one of our favourite local brands House of Nomad – sat down with Wojooh and answered all of our grooming questions. Check it out and discover how to groom like…..

Groom like Ahmed el Sayed

Talking Grooming with Ahmed

Describe yourself in one sentence.

Ahmed: I never take no for an answer!

Who is your ultimate grooming icon?

Ahmed: My dad, from a very young age he taught us to moisturize every morning and every night. He was the one that bought me my first shaving kit and grooming products, so i always look up to him as my grooming idol.

What is your morning grooming ritual?

Ahmed: I start off by washing my face with a great daily scrub, Clinique 7 Day Scrub, it just does a great job at removing all the excess dirt. I then use a great toner, Bioderma, which does miracles at giving your face a polished look, and evens out your skin tone. I then follow with a great day moisturizer from Clarins Men Revitalizing Gel.

Do your prefer – a clean shave, some stubble or a full grown beard?

Ahmed: I prefer to have a well groomed full beard, which I tend to trim once a week.

Groom like Ahmed el Sayed

What is your top grooming secret?

Ahmed: Always use a good toner! I started using toners on my face just over a year ago, and the fact that it evens out my skin tone and always leaves my face feeling and looking fresh.

Do you shave with or against the grain and why?

Ahmed: I always shave with the grain, When you shave against the grain, the blade rakes across the skin and pulls the hairs more harshly up and away from the face, this leads to the likelihood of nicks, razor burn and ingrown hairs

What is your favorite grooming product?

Ahmed: I dont necessarily have a favorite grooming product, I like to always try out new mens products here and there. But Im currently using Clarins Men Smooth Shave cream, and it always gives me a guaranteed clean shave.

Are you a DIY guy (do it yourself) or do you prefer to visit your favorite barber?

Ahmed: I am a bit of both really. In terms of my beard, I always get it professionally done, takes under an hour and no mistakes guaranteed. Depending on my schedule, If I have a relaxed week ahead, I have moments where I get my hair blow dried by hair dresser a few times a week. And if I have a busy schedule I tend to just do my hair at home.

What is your signature aftershave?

Ahmed: My skin is very sensitive to aftershave, especially when I get a clean shave, it just gives me a bad reaction, so I do tend to stay away from it. But I do like the smell of Clarins Men aftershave, its light, airy and lasts a while.

Do you combine both aftershave and fragrance?

Ahmed: I prefer sticking to fragrances, light and sweet during the day, strong and musky for an evening out.


If so – what is your go to fragrance for everyday?

Ahmed: It depends on where i am headed and what kind of day i have planned ahead. But it ranges from Aqua Essential from Salvatore Ferragamo to Bottega Veneta Pour Homme. Both fragrances are light, airy and are perfect to use during the day.



Do you use a different fragrance for a night out?

Ahmed: Yes definitely, I like to go for strong scents when I'm heading out at night, they tend to last longer. I blend in a little bit of strong local Arabic Oud, which you can get from certain places here in Dubai, they are more expensive than regular perfumes in the market and one single drop can last you a few days.

How would you describe your signature scent? Oud, Woody, Strong, Fresh?

Ahmed: Im more of an Oud and Woody scent kind of guy.

How often do you get a hair trim?

Ahmed: I trim the sides of my hair once a week, but i get an overall hair trim every two months.

Are you the type of guy that uses hair products or do you leave it au naturel?

Ahmed: I like to mix a bit of matt wax with a strong hold hairspray. Depending on the weather obviously, especially when its humid I tend to just use dry hair spray, so it keeps my hair from flopping. But on a normal sunny day I tend to just use a strong matt wax.

What celebrity hair style would you compare yours to?

Ahmed: I change my hairstyle depending on my mood. Recently I just decided to chop it all off and have it down, and now I'm trying to grow it back again and have it blow dried up. But I turn to celebrities like David Beckham And Zayn Malik for cool hair inspirations every now and then.