Wojoohs Top Fragrances for Men this Eid! 

With the Holy month of Ramadan coming to an end, celebrate Eid in style – not just with your special Eid outfit but with a brand new fragrance to! Wojooh’s fragrance experts have refined a selection of the newest scents that will reinvigorate your senses and leave you feeling fresh this Eid whether you’re a being gifted or gifting yourself.

Valentino Uommo Intense: While the notes in this fragrance are perfection, let’s be honest, the bottle is the showstopper with its black edgy frame affirming its name as manly and intense. The perfume offers aromas of Oriental vibes with notes of myrtle, cedar, leather, chocolate and coffee beans making it more sophisticated, virile and powerful.

Mr Burberry: Fresh and fun, Mr.Burberrys glass bottle is adorned with the same gabardine material Burberry uses to make its famous trench coats, not only does is smell trendy and new but it looks it to! This perfume has a woody and herbal composition with notes of cedar, sandalwood, grapefruit and cardamom making it stand-out in British perfumery and the perfect scent for special occasions.

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy: This perfume is all about being fresh, with a kick of attitude! With notes of cinnamon, green apple, lavender, cedar and rosemary, it has an exotic base with extract of patchouli and smoked vetiver that gives it a touch of mystery with its unique scent. It’s a definite must-have to complete your Eid celebration.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal: The heart of this fragrance is a woody aroma with notes of citrus, orange, almond, cedar, leather and vetiver making it a stand out fragrance – and will definitely get you noticed in a crowd. This scent is strong and bold, giving you that extra boost of confidence.

Davidoff Horizon: Horizon, which symbolizes the connection between earth and air. It represents freedom, adventure and exploration and has been translated into this extremely unique woody and manly composition by Davidoff. It combines grapefruit and sweet mandarin with aromatic rosemary and fresh ginger; add to that notes of cedar wood, nutmeg, cocoa and South American pepper for a scent focused on voyage, independence and self-achievement.

In light of the festivities, Wojooh recommends to either gift yourself or gift your loved one with a brand new fragrance this Eid. Celebrate in style with some of Wojoohs favourite brand new fragrances!

Eid Fragrances


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