Natalya Kanj

Fragrance Insider with Natalya Kanj

Natalya Kanj – an ultimate fashionista and one half of sister duo Reem & Natalya from, sat with Wojooh for our FIRST EVER Fragrance Insider column.

She gave us the ins and outs of her fragrance fancies – from her first ever fragrance purchase to her top notes – here is what she had to say about her ultimate scents!

Natalya Kanj

Talking Fragrance with Natalya

What fragrance are you sporting these days?

Natalya: Tom Ford: Black Orchid, and Chanel: Chance.

Do you remember the first fragrance you ever wore? Would you still wear it now?

Natalya:It was by Cacharel and called Gloria, it's been discontinued now but that was my all time favorite.

What types of fragrances do you usually go for?

Natalya:I like my scent to be quite sweet.

What are your favorite fragrance notes?

Natalya:Vanilla, rose, oud, definitely a mix of vanilla and rose

Natalya Kanj

Do you ever layer your fragrances? If so, can you spill your secret recipe?

Natalya: I haven't tried to layer but it's definitely on my to-do list

What fragrance would you gift a man/woman?

Natalya: I love Chanel Bleu on a man


Do you have a separate scent for day and night? If so, what are they?

Natalya: I normally wear Amor Amor every day but if i'm going out for dinner or drinks I like to spray some Tom Ford: Black Orchid – I've recently also started wearing YSL’s Black Opium on a night out too!



Name your top 3 fragrances of all time:

Natalya: Cacharel Amor Amor, Chanel: Coco Madmoiselle, Tom Ford: Black Orchid

Do you tend to experiment with new scents, or do you prefer to stick with your all-time favorites?

Natalya: I've been wearing my all-time favourite fragrance since I was 17 which is Cacharel Amor Amor. I like to mix it up now and again depending on my mood.


And that’s a wrap for this edition of fragrance insider! We loved getting to know Natalya and all of her fragrance secrets! Follow her @natalyakanj for a glimpse into her fabulous life of fashion and beauty.