In the world of astrology, everything is ruled by the planets and the stars including the flowers and plants that go into creating the perfumes that we grow to love, and no one knows more about fragrances than Wojooh. Your horoscope not only tells you a lot about yourself but also about your fragrance fancies!

To satisfy your curiosity, and maybe even find a new favorite scent, our experts will walk you through the essences that are linked to the zodiac sign of the month. Get ready for a fragrance horoscope for the lucky Capricorn.

Capricorn is also a very serious sign. You’re ambitious, established, and want to get to the top of the ladder in life. You are also sensuous, attractive, and full of flaming passion, but not many people see that because you always keep your cool in all situations. Woody fragrances are good for you; when you wear essences like patchouli, firewood, rose, jasmine, and orchid, it helps you unveil your hidden desires while still looking pulled together in order to get to the top. 

In 2016, all you Capricorn women will be able to accomplish more than you can ever imagine, by sticking to your favorite way of doing things: with slow, and steady efforts. 2016 will be the year of great achievement – so remember, all your hard work will be paid off!

Our first choice for you is Yellow Diamond by Versace. This glamorous fragrance inspired by a crystal that turns into a yellow diamond. It is crafted as a pure, transparent, airy floral and woody fragrance, and smells as intense its pure yellow color. This scent has an attractive blend of patchouli, rose and guaiac wood that will sure to turn any heads and definitely get you noticed this 2016.


Our second frangrance choice for the Capricorn is no other than Black Orchid Velvet by Tom Ford. A luxurious and sensual fragrance with rich dark accords and an extra pinch of black orchids that promises a unique blend – perfect for the Capricorn lady. With intense Turkish rose oil and jasmine and a new accord of purple orchid that grows in the wilds of southern Brazilian coast it will give you a romantic and complex superiority, exactly what you need for the New Year.



Last but not least is Dahlia Noir by Givenchy - a perfume presented as a "Fatal Flower" of unreal and imaginative composition for mysterious and fascinating women like most Capricorns. With top notes of rose, iris and patchouli leading you to the extensive and intensive passion; exactly what you are looking for this year.


Capricorn Fragrances


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