In the world of astrology, everything is ruled by the planets and the stars including the flowers and plants that go into creating the perfumes that we grow to love, and no one knows more about fragrances than Wojooh. Your horoscope not only tells you a lot about yourself but also about your fragrance fancies!

To satisfy your curiosity, and maybe even find a new favorite scent, our experts will walk you through the essences that are linked to the zodiac sign of the month. Get ready for a fragrance horoscope for the intriguing Gemini.

The Gemini – witty and humorous who also have a strong bite! For you, Wojooh recommends a single floral fragrance like rose, lavender, lilac or scents mixed with many other notes like moss, spice, and woods. Known to be enthusiastic and versatile, the Gemini likes to change things up not only on their day to day, but also with their fragrance choices.

Our first choice for the unique Gemini is Eternity Now by Calvin Klein. This fragrance is fresh and sparkling with, a floral bouquet that translates the attraction and power of love. It contains notes of peony and peach with light fruity nuances that radiate a distinctive youthful energy. The floral heart of the essence makes it Gemini-perfect thanks to a fresh and complex feel.


Our second choice is no other than Beyond Rose by Clinique. A sparkly floral-woody fragrance that is fresh and feminine at the same time. It is captured in a lovely bottle decorated with golden circles that capture the exclusive blend. The Gemini who loves wild rose accords can get double the sophisticated qualities in this scent.



Last but not least is Alaïa Paris by Alaïa. We're not sure if this scent was made for Geminis or it's just a lucky coincidence, but the standout notes form a floral delight; the perfect match for you. Don’t forget to always spray your fragrance on the side of your neck and the base of your palm for a continuous effect.


Gemini Fragrances


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