Dina Zahran

Every girl has a different makeup story - with a different makeup closet!

Us girls at Wojooh pay a visit to some of our favorite makeup lovers for a girly rendez-vous, where we have them spill all their beauty secrets!

Dina Zahran – a 27 year old entrepreneur with a flair for fashion and beauty! Dina and her sister Rima are known around here as a super fashion duo with their shared clothing line Dinz Clothing. The fashionista is not only a co-founder of the label but also a designer – with an exquisite taste for local fashion!

Dina Zahran

Talking Beauty with Dina Zahran

 Amongst a closet full of this season’s latest fashion, her classic statement jewels, fashion books, a never ending collection of fragrance and ofcourse makeup – we sat in her oh so heavenly closet and asked Dina a million and one questions all about beauty! Heres what she had to say..

What is your ultimate beauty secret?

Dina: A couple of weeks before my wedding I was complaining to my makeup artist about my skin and she told me to drink as much water as possible every day up until my wedding day. I took her advice and it completely changed my life. It sounds so obvious but drinking 2 liters of water a day is so important, it really helps you look and feel so much better and more fresh.

Dina Zahran

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

Dina: I know the question said one but I have two, is that ok? Concealer and bronzer. Ok, ok fine, if it has to be just one then concealer, but I would really like to have something that adds color to my face too!

What is a beauty rule you believe every woman should abide by?

Dina: Work with what you have and try to be the best version of yourself rather than something you’re not. We’re all different and we’re all beautiful in our own way so the best thing we can do is work with what we have and always try to be the best version of ourselves. Try to figure out what suits you and always look your best, even if you’re just sitting at home. There’s nothing wrong with putting in a little bit of effort at all times.

What is your morning beauty ritual?

Dina: The first thing I do every morning is drink a liter of water, then I wash my face and every other day I do a light facial scrub. I then moisturize and let my face rest a bit until I start getting ready and then I apply my make up.



What are your top 5 fragrances of all time?

Dina: My absolute favorite of all time has to be the classic Chance by Chanel – what girl dosent love Chanel! I also really love Narciso Rodriguez for Her, BV Bottega Veneta, Love Story by Chloe and the Oud Wood by Tom Ford.


What is your latest beauty find?

Dina: I’m constantly on the lookout for an amazing mascara and my latest discovery is Grandiose by Lancome. I’m also currently obsessing over Wow by Wojooh’s Lipstuck – I love how it just lasts all day!


 If you were stuck on an island and had to take 3 things with you what would you take?

Dina: If beauty items: Mascara, Concealer & Lip Balm. Bronzer wouldn’t be needed since I’d be tanning on the island! If non-beauty items: My iPhone, a sketchbook, and peanut butter M&Ms (if I’m stuck on an island, I may as well indulge!)

How would you describe your style? Who is your style icon?

Dina: I’d say it’s a cross between edgy and elegant. I like things somewhat neat and clean cut, but at the same time every outfit has to have an element that stands out. I love to mix and match things that don’t always necessarily make sense together like sneakers with a dress or a men’s shirt with shiny trousers. It’s more fun that way! My style icon is a combination of Anna Dello Russo meets Olivia Palermo, mix them both together and you have the perfect style! 


Dina Zahran

We believe fashion is the ultimate beauty accessory, do you agree? And Why?

Dina:Definitely! Fashion and beauty go hand in hand because they compliment one another. I believe that they both enhance one another and make each other better. They are both forms of art and different channels for self-expression. For me personally, they are both fun things that I love to experiment and play around with and they allow me to express myself without having to say a word.


And that’s a wrap for our first official beauty closet! We loved getting to know Dina and all of her beauty secrets! Follow her @dinazahran for a glimpse into her fabulous life of fashion and beauty. Visit www.dinzboutique.com to shop her collection and follow them @dinzclothing!