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Davidoff Cool Water Loves The Ocean

Davidoff Cool Water is proud to share that following the 2012 National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition funded with their support, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Wednesday the creation of the world’s largest contiguous ocean reserve, setting aside 322,000 square miles (830,000 square kilometers) around the remote Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific for special protection.

The Ocean You Love

Home to at least 1,249 species of marine mammals, seabirds and fish, the new reserve protects some of the most near-pristine ocean habitat on Earth. National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition to the area in March 2012 revealed a vibrant ecosystem that includes the world’s deepest-known living plant, a species of encrusting coralline algae found 382 metres (1,253 feet) below sea level. The reserve also protects one of the two remaining raised coral atolls on the planet as well as 40 Mile Reef, the deepest and most well-developed coral reef known in the world.

“Today’s action by British Prime Minister David Cameron will protect the true bounty of the Pitcairn Islands — the array of unique marine life in the surrounding pristine seas,” said National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala, head of the Society’s Pristine Seas project. “Our scientific exploration of the area revealed entirely new species as well as an abundance of top predators like sharks. It was like traveling to a new world full of hidden and unknown treasures, a world that will now be preserved for generations to come.”

Announced via the U.K. government's 2015 budget, the reserve represents a bid to thwart the illegal fishing that threatens the species in its territorial waters. No fishing or seafloor mining will be allowed in the reserve, except for traditional fishing around the island of Pitcairn by the local population, says Sala.

Since 2012, Davidoff Cool Water has actively supported National Geographic’s Pristine Seas program aimed at exploring and protecting the ocean. National Geographic has led eight expeditions with Davidoff’s support to explore remote areas of the ocean, such as Palau, Rapa and Mozambique. Scientific data and media collected on these expeditions are used to show support for marine protected areas, working toward the global goal of protecting 10% of the world’s ocean by 2020.


Fragrance Insider - Davidoff Cool Water

Scott and The Ocean

Actor Scott Eastwood, Davidoff Cool Water’s spokesperson, a passionate surfer, swimmer, diver and ocean lover. Eastwood is the exemplary choice for the new Cool Water fragrance. Raised between Hawaii and California, he has always been passionate about the protection of the ocean, an additional quality that made him the perfect fit for the campaign.

Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water is the tale of a unique man and his intrinsic bond to the ocean. He is an authentic man and everyone wants to resemble him, connecting with the ocean, feeling its power through a magnificent dive, and immersing in its almighty flow of concentrated energy. Davidoff Cool Water truly gives that unique sense of intense freshness in its emblematic blue flacon.

The new campaign, shot on the Hawaiian coastline, emphasizes the unique bond between man and the ocean. Eastwood and his friends came up with the tagline “what makes the ocean, makes the man”, which was inspired by their own relationship with the ocean.

For the fourth consecutive year, Davidoff Cool Water will join forces with the National Geographic Society to support the Society’s Pristine Seas Project.

This fragrance has different notes which are: top notes Coriander, peppermint, marine accord, the heart notes, Lavender, geranium, and the base notes, Musk, wood, amber.


Davidoff Cool Water fragrance embraces the power of the ocean. Its top note gives intense freshness with peppermint and lavender, enhanced with spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium. The base is warm and sensual with amber and musk notes.

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