Bridal Tips from Wojooh


It’s wedding season – and Wojooh has bridal fever! Getting ready for your big day can start way before the actual wedding date, especially when it comes to taking care of your beauty regime. Wojooh is here to give you their top beauty timeline to make sure you look your best as you say your I do’s!


6 Months

"Let's prep your skin!"

Book 6 cleansing facials, one per month, to revitalize your skin before your big day.

Start drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, try and go for an all-natural diet for that naturally radiant skin and ofcourse some full body toning.

The success of glowing skin starts with a morning skin routine that works for you – make sure to define whether you have sensitive, dry, oily or combination skin before picking out your perfect face products!

3 Months

"It's all in the details!"

You need your beauty rest, so make sure you start getting in the habit of 8 hours of sleep a day, to get that perfect glow – and say bye bye to those dark circles!

It’s crunch time – 3 months is more than enough time to start getting more toned. Try squeezing in at least 2/3 yoga or Pilates classes a week, and get in shape for the big day!

If your thinking of colouring your hair, now is the time to experiment – if anything goes wrong you’ll have more than enough time to get it right.

1 Month

"Time for trail!"

Now we have a month to go, time for trail when it comes to your makeup look. Give yourself a few sessions with a makeup artist and experiment with different looks, until you find the perfect bridal look!

And don’t forget hair! Visit your hair stylist a few times and experiment with an up-do, a blow out or even some natural curls, until your 100% satisfied with your final bridal look.

Avoid junk food, no matter how high the stress levels get! Not only is it bad for your belly, but eating the wrong thing can have a big effect on your skin!

1 Week

"It's the week of!"

There’s no doubt you’ll be having a lot of pre wedding celebrations – make sure to clean all your make up brushes with shampoo and let air dry, before using them on your special day!

It’s crucial not to let the stress effect you too much, stress can lead to skin break outs, and sleepless nights – after all our hard work the last thing we need is bad skin!

Your skin needs to breathe, if your not out and about then make sure you have no makeup on and some good moisturizer – leaving you with the perfect canvas for your big day!


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