Eye Love It!

Eid is right around the corner – a time of celebration with all your loved ones – so it is essential to have the perfect Eid outfit. And with that, the perfect beauty look.

Wojooh loves Nail Art so we just HAD to create this exclusive look for this Eid. This year we have decided to go with something a little more bold – black, white and a punch of blue!

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Start by applying 1 layer of Wow by Wojooh base & top coat to each nail. Allow 2-3 minutes to dry before moving on to the next step to avoid creating bubbles on the surface of the nail.

Step 2: Apply OPI Alpine Snow on your thumb finger nail, index finger nail and your ring nail.

Step 3: Apply Sally Hansen Black Out on your middle finger nail and your pinky finger nail.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 to get solid colors.

Step 5: With the tip of OPI Alpine Snow or a tooth pick, draw an eye shape with lashes on your middle finger nail. And apply the small blue crystal stud in the middle.

Step 6: With the tip of Sally Hansen Black Out or a tooth pick, draw a hollow eye shape with lashes going upwards (towards your fingertips) on your index finger nail.

Step 7: Using the same nail polish, now draw 3 small eye shapes without lashes on your ring finger nail and put small dots in the middle of the shapes using the nail art pen.

Step 8: Now with Wow by Wojooh Tunisian Window, draw a small circle in the middle of the eye shape you previously drew on your index finger nail. And put a smaller dot over it using Sally Hansen Black Out using the nail art pen and 2 tiny dots using OPI Alpine Snow.

Step 9: Dip the small tip of the nail art pen in Sally Hansen Black Out and put small dots forming an arch over the eye shape you drew on your index finger nail.

Step 10: Finish the look by applying a layer of the Wow by Wojooh base & top coat to all your nails.

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