Brighten your complexion with a refining liquid foundation that leaves behind naturally glowing skin. Awarded the Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté Marie Claire , whose key criteria is innovation, Maestro liquid foundation is the revolutionary new makeup formula created by patented Fusion Technology. From textiles to cosmetics: a no makeup feel texture inspired by Super Organza. Unveiled in 2012 at the Spring/Summer Privé Haute Couture show, this is the thinnest fabric in the world. Maestro is not just a matte foundation, and more than a skin perfector, because it concentrates both their benefits: - Waterfree oils: 60% time-release translucent, non-greasy oils for a fresh feel, a non-greasy finish and a pure color. - 11% pigments for a perfect complexion. There's no powder, so no mask effect. - Low surface tension for the fastest, easiest application. - Extras: Skin surface perfection due to soft particles that provide the thinnest correcting film and an extraordinary sensory feel. Contains lotus oil, known for its anti-free radical properties. HOW TO APPLY: With the dropper, dispense a drop on the back of your hand and apply with fingertips. Repeat application, based on your coverage need. Backstage tip: Use it on no-make up days or for the most natural makeup finish and wear with Fluid Sheer for the Armani Glow.