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Mini Must-Haves -Mini Manicure Set

This travel-friendly set includes three tools perfect for a quick manicure anytime anywhere; a nail file, a cuticle pusher and a cuticle remover.

Master Blender – Minis

A bright addition to your makeup essentials - the Master Blender collection. Shapes, sizes and colors for any beauty mood. Perfect to touch-up on the go.

 Mini Must-Haves -Mini Tweezers

These pink Mini Must-Haves - Mini Tweezers are not only absolutely adorable but super useful on-the-go. Keep them with you to maintain the perfect brows anywhere anytime.

Chunky Funky Lips – Berry Wojooh

This jumbo color stick can't get any cuter; it's short and chunky and extra creamy. The six alluring shades provide an excellent color pay-off 4 hours strong. With the precision of a lip pencil, you can effortlessly apply Chunky Funky Lips for beautifully outlined and filled-in lips.

 Beauty Essentials -Handbag Organizers

Say goodbye to the frustrating search for that lipstick lost at the bottom of your bag. Handbag Organizers are the perfectly stylish solution to keeping your handbag neat and tidy.


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