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The white Platinum Edition 50ml

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159 AED


3 major patented whitening colmplex ingredients - Resmelin® (Whitening) - Gigawhite™ (Whitening/Anti-wrinkle) - PhytoG-Brilliant complex (Whitening /Hydration/Anti-inflammatory/Antimicrobial Effect) 1. Fine & Pure Skin Complete white fine skin which all women wish to have, deliver softness, moisturizing and light weight feeling 2.Touch Sencing Technology Light touch brings skin tone up and the more you apply over and over, the more brightly skin shines with special skin technology of Milkydress. 3. 3Major Whitneing comlex Synergy effect of whitening ingredients "Resmelin® & Gigawhite™, PhytoG-Brilliant complex" helps to develop whitening effect step by step How to Use Apply proper amount with spatula inside, spread over the whole face evenly and pat softly for full absorption TIP. when you want more bright skin, reapply with the same way

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