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Black Luster Mask

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Magic Black Mask from Dead Sea, lowest point on earth Black Mud Mask Pack leaving moisture and nutrition while drawing out impurities. - Containing Dead Sea (Sea Silt) Mud (Formula with 24 kinds of mineral). E nhanced anti-wrinkle and elasticity thru Bio-Magnetism -Heavy metals test (Not detected: lead, arsenic, mercury, antimony, cadmium, hexavalent chromium) - Clean double effect of the oxygen carrier component - Effectively drawing out impurities in deep pore with strong magnetic force without skin trouble - Improves elasticity and helps anti-aging, Non-greasy, soft high nutrition -Rosehip Oil : Anti-aging and skin protection - Evening Primrose Oil : Relieve dry skin, it helps improve skin problems and skin regeneration - Lavender oil : Trouble soothing and skin regeneration, help balance of oil and water. HOW TO USE: 1. After cleansing, dip a little bit using the spatula. 2. Apply an even thin layer on face avoiding direct contact with eyes and lips 3. Leave on 3 to 5minutes until effective ingredients are absorbed. 4. Wrap the magnet in a tissue or kitchen wrap 5. Use the magnet to lift off mask pack. Let the magnet close to face for compete removal. ( Repeat 2-3times in the same way) 6. Use circular motion for oil on skin to be absorbed to skin well.
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  • 5
    After removing the visible magnetic mask from the face, it leaves behind this soft, silky, oil-like residue that you rub into your face. It’s not an oil that transfers off onto your hands. I haven’t felt anything like this before to compare it to. It’s not greasy or heavy. It felt really nice and silky!
  • 4
    The experience of using the mask is really cool. It smells nice, and it feels great on the face after it’s applied
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