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The secret’s out! Wow by Wojooh collabs with the one and only Fyunka this May, to launch an exclusive collection of our favorite product, Lipstuck - Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer. Fyunka and Wow by Wojooh couldn’t be a more perfect fit! Fyunka is a brand that is inspired by the beautiful culture of our region, as is Wow by Wojooh – we became instant BFFs. Beauty and art? Who could resist! With the same vision for our brands, we collaborated for this extremely exclusive collection.

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Stuck with it! Lipstuck is an extreme lip lacquer formulated to have its array of intense matte colors last and last. The smooth texture is enriched with natural micas. Water resistant and non-transferable, it holds on tight, so don’t you worry about leaving a trace behind! Paraben & allergen free. Dermatologically tested

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