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Bold, confident, sure of herself... Taylor Hill knows what she wants. Top model and Lancôme ambassadress, she proudly wears the two star shades of the collection, “Magic Orange” and “Pink Power”, with a fearless, deliberate, dual colour lip art look. Her state it out loud look has a lot to say for itself... And proves that Matte Shaker is more than just a simple lipstick: above all, it’s an attitude.

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matte shaker


Matte Shaker is based on the innovative Ultra Thin Film (UTF) technology, which is inspired by the texture of foundation. This is what makes Matte Shaker liquid lipstick twice as thin and intense as a conventional lipstick. Its inverse emulsion contains a large proportion of volatile components, like water, which evaporate as soon as the product is applied, leaving only what is needed: the pigments and polymers. And therein lies the secret of its immaculate staying power. This technology promises a second-skin, bare-lip feeling within minutes, not forgetting the extreme coverage and optimal staying power, hour after hour. Together with the optimised cushion applicator, Matte Shaker delivers an intense result in one quick and easy action.

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