Morning Skincare

Your Morning Skincare Routine!


The Month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, purity and of course love. Here at Wojooh we believe that each and every one of you possess a natural beauty – worthy of some pampering. So during the Month, Wojooh urges you to take out your makeup remover and go back to basics.


The success of flawless skin has to start with a morning skin routine that works for you – and it all starts with washing you face. It’s important to define what type of skin you have to achieve the best results in your skincare regime. There are different ways to treat the different types of skin – whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin or just normal skin,  – there is a perfect daily routine for you!


If your someone who suffers from sensitive skin, when washing your face in the morning make sure to be very gentle. Exfoliating and scrubbing too hard may cause irritation to sensitive skin, even when drying the skin after washing make sure to pat it dry with a towel – do not rub, this too will cause irritation to sensitive skin. Use a soft cleanser – the fewer ingredients in your cleanser, the better! For all sensitive skin candidates: do not use products that contain alcohol, soap, acid or fragrance – instead look for products that contain calming ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, green tea and oats!


If your someone who suffers from dry skin, when washing your face in the morning it is important to find the perfect water temperature. Gently wash your skin and rinse with luke warm water – using water that is too hot will remove the natural oils from your face faster, which will leave your skin even more dry! Make sure your cleanser does not contain any alcohol or fragrance- these ingredients will also make your skin more dry. To keep your face nicely moisturized, try exfoliating once a week with a good scrub to get rid of all the dead, and flaky skin cells – your skin will look more even!


If your someone who suffers from oily skin, make sure you are using a cleanser that contains little to no oil in the ingredients – Wojooh recommends using a good cleansing foam that is of course oil free. Gently wash and exfoliate the skin with luke warm water. After washing your face you can use a toner to remove the extra oil lying on the surface of your skin. This will make your face less shiny and will help in having that healthy glow!


For those who are blessed with “normal” skin or combination skin – which means that you are dry in some areas and oily in others – you still have to ensure that you carefully choose which products work for you. Using the wrong product could dry your skin out or can make it appear more oily. Although finding the right cleanser can mean some trial and error, Wojooh recommends to always try and go for more natural products – the less chemicals the better!


Pass by Wojooh during the month of Ramadan and enjoy expert advice from our skincare specialists – you can even book a complimentary skin consultation in our private beauty rooms during the entire month by calling your nearest Wojooh store. Enjoy pampering yourself during this month of purity – you deserve it, Ramadan Kareem to all our beauty lovers from Wojooh!


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