What’s Your Signature? 


Wow by Wojooh launches its Signature Collection


Every one of us has our own signature beauty look – the little something that makes us who we are. Whether its our favorite nail polish color, our must-have lipstick that we can’t live without or our signature eye liner – we all have our own little thing! This month Wow by Wojooh is launching its brand new Signature Liner, Felt-tip Liner and we want to know – what’s your signature?

Create your own unique eyeliner style with the Signature Liners flexible felt-tip brush. It precisely draws ultra defined lines or even playful curves to give you your very own look. Don’t let the lightweight and water based formula fool you, with a gliding stroke it’ll leave you with 14 hours of intense black liner. It’s highly pigmented and very covering!

In spirit of our new graphic liner – we had to spoil our Wow by Wojooh girls with a little something more. Launching with the Signature Liner is the Signature Collection – a group of must-have beauty items for any trending beauty girl. Pick up our Helwa makeup case, with its striking black and white zig zags to house your new eyeliner along with a stand out nail file and a pair of mini tweezers!

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