Wow by Wojooh X Mochi

Wow by Wojooh Turns 1

Wow by Wojooh, the first Middle Eastern beauty brand celebrates its one-year anniversary this September!

Since being on the market, Wow by Wojooh has become a staple in every beauty lovers’ makeup bag. From our Lipstuck Lip Lacquer to our Chunky Funky Khol, the brand has taken the region by storm – one product at a time!

Wow by Wojooh X Mochi

Wow by Wojooh X Mochi

What better way to celebrate our first birthday than with an exclusive collaboration with fashions best, Mochi. Our favorite local designer has teamed up with the Wow by Wojooh team to develop an extremely exclusive makeup pouch with its most famous embroidered Mochi print. These hand crafted beauties come with 4 of our Wow by Wojooh makeup essentials – our Lash It All “All in One Mascara”, our Khol Design Waterproof Eye Pencil, our Color Glamour Eye Shadow and our most famous Lipstuck Lip Lacquer! The beauty pouch and makeup staples come in a perfect gift set – just in time for Eid!

We sat down with Ayah Tabari, the creator of Mochi, and asked her to spill on the beans on this exclusive collaboration.

Tell us about this exclusive collaboration with Wow by Wojooh and All Things Mochi!

Ayah: Well, it all started when we were approached by Wojooh to do a social media collaboration. I got really excited and wanted to take the collaboration further. I LOVE lipstick and make up so thought it would be really fun! We decided to create an exclusive make up pouch in my Mochi print, and then match the makeup products to the pouch and create a set!

Wow by Wojooh X Mochi


Wow by Wojooh is celebrating its first birthday – what would you say is your favorite product so far?

Ayah: That’s actually quite hard one! I’m a big fan of contouring so I fell in love with the Contour Revolution contouring kit. I love lipstick, and have done since I was a child. It’s amazing how a pop of colour can change an outfit - the Wow by Wojooh Lip Master range has the perfect shades, and a really nice texture, definitely one of my favorites.

What products come with the exclusive Wow by Wojooh and Mochi gift set?

Ayah: A lipstick, an eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara – all of your must haves!

What would you recommend wearing with this shade of pink lipstick??

Ayah: Mochi of course! Or something neutral so that the lipstick shade really stands out – especially when it’s such a bright pink.


What do you love most about the Wow by Wojooh Lipstuck?

Ayah: It’s long lasting and super powerful! I also love the matte finish – super trendy right now.

 The turquoise eyeliner is quite daring – how would you sport this look?

Ayah: Usually I go for a pop of color on my eyes when I am wearing something neutral – otherwise it would be too bright.

 Tell us what you love most about the Lash It All mascara

Ayah: It’s so long lasting! I can literally go all day without having to apply it again. My days as a designer can be pretty hectic, balancing all my meetings, designing new collections, and then dinners at night. With the Lash It All mascara I have my long lashes from day to night.

 The purple eye shadow is super colorful! What kind of occasion would you sport this look for?

Ayah: I would definitely sport this for an elegant dinner or an event. Purple is more of an evening color, and I usually go for a darker outfit at night.

Wow by Wojooh X Mochi

We believe fashion is the ultimate beauty accessory, do you agree? And Why?

Ayah: Yes! It’s definitely important! Fashion is full of glamour and you have to look the part, whether its 7am in the morning or 10pm at night. Having a good makeup routine, with great beauty products, makes for the perfect accessory to any outfit!