It’s all in the dabbing and tapping! 


Wow by Wojooh loves to spill all of their beauty secrets!


The world of makeup can be quite intimidating, especially when it comes to all those steps to get the perfect look. However - there are always little tips and tricks to help us beauty lovers out when we need them most. Wow by Wojooh rounds up all of its top beauty hacks to share with you all.

Contouring – a word scary to must of us girls who aren’t exactly professional makeup artists! It sounds like quite an intimidating makeup technique – but with the launch of our Wow by Wojooh Contouring Sticks and these simple steps, we can all finally master the art of contouring in no time!

Step 1: Apply our Wow by Wojooh Master Prime evenly over the face.

Step 2: Using the darker shade of your Contour Revolution Duo Sculpting Stick, start creating the contour by applying the stick to your hairline, along the sides of your nose, under the cheekbones, along the jawline and under the chin.

Step 3: Using the lighter shade of your Contour Revolution Duo Sculpting Stick, start creating the highlight by applying the stick to your forehead, under the eye to the corner of your ear, underneath your cheekbones, along the front of your nose and above and underneath the lips.

Step 4: Using our Flat Top blender, dab over the lines you drew and start to blend – do not sweep!

Step 5: Once the blending is done, apply our Picture Perfect, Compact Foundation to a big blush brush.

Step 6: Lightly tap over the contouring for it to set.

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