Make those bottom lashes pop! 


Wow by Wojooh loves to spill all of their beauty secrets!


The world of makeup can be quite intimidating, especially when it comes to all those steps to get the perfect look. However - there are always little tips and tricks to help us beauty lovers out when we need them most. Wow by Wojooh rounds up all of its top beauty hacks to share with you all.

Mascara – an everyday essential, for all girls without exception. Although applying mascara is one of the first things we learn about makeup, here’s a simple trick to get those bottom lashes even longer and bolder:

Step 1: Start off by applying our Wow by Wojooh Lash Over mascara to your top lashes, as you normally would.

Step 2: Find a clean surface and using the mascara wand roll off some of the excess mascara.

Step 3: Dip a think eyeliner brush into the excess mascara.

Step 4: With a steady hand brush out the mascara on your lower lash line, focusing on the roots.

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