Wojooh Gets Glammed Up with Rosemin Manji

Get Glammed up with Rosemin Manji

It’s the time of year – the Oscars are here! Not only is this the perfect time to celebrate our favorite movies and stars of Hollywood but it’s also the reveal of the hottest fashion and beauty statements. There is no other occasion to get as glitzy as the Oscars – us girls at Wojooh will definitely be on the lookout for all of the glammed up beauty.

In light of the occasion we decided to sit with some of our favorite influencers this February to get the ins and outs on their super glammed up beauty routines. Here’s what they had to say:

Wojooh Gets Glammed Up with Rosemin Manji

Talking Glam with Rosemin

How would you describe the perfect glammed out night?

Rosemin: A perfect night out include all elements of a higher heel when it comes to fashion, a little more highlighter for make up and good music!

Ok, so lets be honest – how long does it usually take you to get ready for a super special night out?

Rosemin: 45mins for sure including a blowdry and make up.

Do you have a special evening look when it comes to your makeup? What is it that you do differently than your everyday look?

Rosemin: For evening I like to put on lashes and more smoky eye for sure.

Do you ever experiment with contouring for a night out? If so, can you share any tips?

Rosemin: I like a little contour to make my cheekbones pop right now I'm using Make Up For Ever range. I love that there is something for all skin tones I also recommend in investing in good brushes and tools it changes the applications and gives even distribution of colour.

What kind of look do you go for with your eyes?

Rosemin: I'm not too experimental when it comes to colours I like bronze/dark Browns. I can't live without cognac sable by Tom Ford it's the best pallette for me. I always like trying new lashes on the market.

Do you ever experiment with a different lipstick color for a special occasion?

Rosemin: I like muted colours on me or a deeper red. I don't feel comfortable in brights.

What kind of outfit would you pair this look with?

Rosemin: I love a fabulous cocktail dress. Oscar de la Renta is my go to for a wedding or cocktail party.

Overall who would you say is your red carpet icon?

Rosemin: Red carpet icon... J lo has an amazing team for hair, make up and clothing. Her whole look is always different and super glam!

Do you have a special fragrance that you wear on an occasion?

Rosemin: I tend to wear the same fragrances Armani Prive on rose arabie (oud based) and daytime I like Jo Malone nectarine and honey blossom.

What would be your ultimate tip for any girl going out on a very special night out?

Rosemin: Tip.... A little primer after your moisturiser will keep your make up longer.