Wojooh Gets Glammed Up with Rita Dahdah!

Get Glammed up with Rita Dahdah

It’s the time of year – the Oscars are here! Not only is this the perfect time to celebrate our favorite movies and stars of Hollywood but it’s also the reveal of the hottest fashion and beauty statements. There is no other occasion to get as glitzy as the Oscars – us girls at Wojooh will definitely be on the lookout for all of the glammed up beauty.

In light of the occasion we decided to sit with some of our favorite influencers this February to get the ins and outs on their super glammed up beauty routines. Here’s what they had to say:

Wojooh Gets Glammed Up with Rita Dahdah!

Talking Glam with Rita

How would you describe the perfect glammed out night?

Rita: In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a backless or off the shoulder straight long dress in black, burgundy or white. For a more daring option, I love simple, long, flowy gowns, in a bold color like red, pink, blue or green, or sometimes, even yellow, with a statement detail like a racy slit, plunging neckline, sheer fabric, or an intricately worked element in the fabric.

Ok, so lets be honest – how long does it usually take you to get ready for a super special night out?

Rita: Anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on whether my hair is already done and if I already know what I’m wearing. The makeup takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Do you have a special evening look when it comes to your makeup? What is it that you do differently than your everyday look?

Rita: I usually don’t wear makeup during the day – I only apply hydrating cream with SPF. When I do wear makeup during the afternoons, it involves mascara, brow pencil, bronzer and lip-gloss. At night, I like to add a taupe colored eye shadow on my upper lids and Kohl eyeliner on and inside my lower lids with a nice, natural, mauve lipstick. If I decide to go with a red or brown/burgundy lip, I just apply a cat eye with my liquid liner and add some dramatic mascara.

Do you ever experiment with contouring for a night out? If so, can you share any tips?

Rita: I’ve never tried contouring and never been a fan of it because I don’t like using foundation. Instead, I prefer using a good BB or CC cream then shaping my face in a more subtle and natural way with bronzer and highlighter. I intensify the bronzer on my jaw line, and apply a little bit to my chin and around my forehead next to my hairline, as well as on the sides of my nose. As for the highlighter, I apply a lot around my cheekbones to give them a pop, on my inner eyes, upper nose and on the crease of my chin.

What kind of look do you go for with your eyes?

Rita: I love a naturally smokey look, with taupe and earthy shades. I also like eyeshadows that have a slight velvety shimmer. I also love using lots of mascara and thin naturally smudged Kohl on my lower lids.

Do you ever experiment with a different lipstick color for a special occasion?

Rita: I prefer to stick to brands and shades that I have tried, tested and loved for some time. I change between five colors I love all the time, because they each suit my features and complexion in a different way and give me a distinct look each time.

What kind of outfit would you pair this look with?

Rita: I love pairing crop tops with skater skirts or wide legged trousers; tailored blazers with leather trousers; or an LBD with killer pumps.

Overall who would you say is your red carpet icon?

Rita: Blake Lively always stuns!

Do you have a special fragrance that you wear on an occasion?

Rita: My signature perfume for any occasion is Chanel Chance. It’s so feminine, powerful but elegant, memorable, attractive and long lasting.

What would be your ultimate tip for any girl going out on a very special night out?

Rita: Once you reveal one major part of your body, make sure to cover up the rest or you will risk looking vulgar. Less is always more, so don’t go too crazy with the accessories because overdoing it can cheapen your look. As for the makeup, keep the eye makeup simple with a strong lip, and vice versa.