Wojooh Gets Glammed Up with Maha Al Hamed!

Get Glammed up with Maha Al Hamed

It’s the time of year – the Oscars are here! Not only is this the perfect time to celebrate our favorite movies and stars of Hollywood but it’s also the reveal of the hottest fashion and beauty statements. There is no other occasion to get as glitzy as the Oscars – us girls at Wojooh will definitely be on the lookout for all of the glammed up beauty.

In light of the occasion we decided to sit with some of our favorite influencers this February to get the ins and outs on their super glammed up beauty routines. Here’s what they had to say:

Wojooh Gets Glammed Up with Maha Al Hamed!

Talking Glam with Maha

How would you describe the perfect glammed out night?

Maha: When someone says Hollywood I immediately think gold, red and black. Gold as the perfect highlight and shimmer and Wojooh is known for their perfect glowy highlighters. Red as the perfect red lipstick which is not the orange or the too dark red, it’s the one in the middle. Black is for the perfect thin eyeliner and of course you can do that with the Wojooh pure ink line.

Ok, so lets be honest – how long does it usually take you to get ready for a super special night out?

Maha: I want to say an hour but that would be a lie! It depends on my mood and honestly my makeup. That’s why I like to start getting ready for a super special night out as soon as I can so I can choose the write makeup for my outfit.

Do you have a special evening look when it comes to your makeup? What is it that you do differently than your everyday look?

Maha: Honestly I am known for my highlighter and the secret is I use liquid and powder highlighter together. Also I always go for the tan look.

Do you ever experiment with contouring for a night out? If so, can you share any tips?

Maha: Yes ofcourse contouring is very important especially because I have a circle face and the secret is to know the technique first before anything else and second is when using the dark contour is that you do a very thin lines and not putting thick lines because when you blend it you will realize that it spreads.

What kind of look do you go for with your eyes?

Maha: Sometimes very simple just a thin eyeliner and mascara, other times which I do that for a night look gold, pink and silver shimmer eyes.

Do you ever experiment with a different lipstick color for a special occasion?

Maha: Yes I do that all that time! And I did that a week a go when I went to a wedding and I was wearing a very light pink dress and did a low messy ponytail so I wanted my makeup to popup and the best way to do that is with a very dark purple lipstick so the final look was amazing.

What kind of outfit would you pair this look with?

Maha: For example for the day look I go for denim on denim outfit or a very loose sweater with jeans short and sneakers. For a night look I love white on white outfits or black on black and sometimes off the shoulder top with a loose pant.

Overall who would you say is your red carpet icon?

Maha: Blake Lively and Kate Hudson!

Do you have a special fragrance that you wear on an occasion?

Maha: CHANEL No. 5, CHANEL Coromandel and Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud.

What would be your ultimate tip for any girl going out on a very special night out?

Maha: Don’t experiment with makeup last minute always practice and try the looks you want a day before and don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks and especially with new lipstick colors.