Us girls at Wojooh are fashion obsessed – we believe that beauty is the ultimate fashion accessory! One thing we cannot live without? Our accessories! Our accessories can say a lot about our style – just like our makeup! This season we encourage ALL girls to match their makeup to their summer accessories!


Summer with an Edge

Graphic lines, black leather, monochrome accessories – sound familiar? Then you are the ultimate queen of edge! The Edgy girl tends to go for darker tones, a lot of black, white and greys – not only with her wardrobe but also her makeup. This summer try and lighten it up – go by the rule “less is more”! Rather than going for a full smoky eye, go for a bold and graphic eye liner using our Wow by Wojooh’s Pure Ink Liner in Black Aswad – the waterproof formula is perfect for summer! For the lips – instead of going too dark or too bright – opt for a nude shade. Our Lipstuck in Sugar Tan not only has a matte finish to suit your style – but it also stays on all day, no matter how hot it gets outside!

 A Bohemian Queen

Tapestry, embroidery, artsy with a hippie vibe – sound familiar? Then you are our Bohemian Queen. With a quirky sense of style - not shy of color, nor natural materials - you are someone who likes to tell a story with your accessories. The same goes for your makeup! You can go from being dramatic to being completely neutral, depending on your mood, your outfit or your accessories! Pair your deep maroon bangle from India with our Wow by Wojooh Lip Master in Ruby Rare, and your hand woven basket purse with a nude and neutral base. Our Picture Perfect Liquid Foundation and Compact Foundation will give you that natural glow that will stay put all day!

The Trendsetter

Fashion, catwalks, fresh off the runway – sound familiar? Then you are a big time trendsetter! You are fearless when it comes to fashion – especially when it comes to your accessories! You are constantly on trend, not only in your style but also in your makeup! This summer sport the latest in beauty trends and go for a white eye liner and bright lip. A sweep of our Wow by Wojooh Khol Liner in Lulu’s Light on the inner corner of your eye will leave everyone’s head turning! Go all out and pair it with a Barbie Pink lips – try our Wow by Wojooh Lipstuck in Velvet Pink for a look that won’t go unnoticed!


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