Spring cleaning is in order - organisation is key!


Most of us make up lovers can be either of two things when it comes to our beauty closet: a complete neat freak, or a makeup mess! Your daily makeup routine can become a lot more easy, efficient, enjoyable and relaxed if your essentials are organized. Wojooh is here to help, with 4 quick steps to help organize your beauty closet!

Step 1: Clean out your existing beauty closet!

Start off by taking out all of your makeup from your makeup bags, and your beauty table and set it down to see exactly what you have. Clean off all the dust, and wash out all of your bags – ready for a fresh start!

Step 2: Toss away the unwanted!

Examine what you have. Make sure the products your holding onto aren’t actually expired – mascaras last 3 months, liquid liner from 3-6months, liquid foundation from 6-12 months, nail polish about 1 year, and lipsticks around 2 years, depending on the formula. Whatever products are past their prime, toss them out!  As for the rest, make sure they are items worth keeping – no need to hold onto anything you don’t use!

Step 3: Separate and organize your makeup!

The next step is the start organizing. Wojooh recommends dividing your products into two piles, items that you use frequently vs. items you only use on occasions.

Step 4: Time to set up!

Now it’s time to set up. Your everyday makeup essentials should be neatly organized ON your beauty table. A great way to keep them neat and tidy is to invest in some plexi makeup holders and divide your into sections by category: lips, nails, eyes and face. That way your everyday makeup will be easy to get to, hassle free.  For the group of items you only use on occasion, Wojooh recommends to tuck them away IN toa drawer. Divide them too into sections by category: lips, nails, eyes and face. Now not only are they safe and tucked away, but when doing an occasional look – the prep will be much easier and faster!


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