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Every girl has a different makeup story - with a different makeup closet!

Us girls at Wojooh pay a visit to some of our favorite makeup lovers for a girly rendez-vous, where we have them spill all their beauty secrets!

Mona Kattan – an ultimate beauty insider, a not to mess with business woman and socialista of Dubai! She is the Managing Partner of her sister (and MAKEUP GURU) Huda Kattan’s ultra-famous beauty blog www.Hudabeauty.com and founder of her own blog www.adventuresinmonaland.com. Apart from being digitally savvy – Mona also is the founder of one of our favorite beauty salons in Dubai – The Dollhouse.

Mona Kattan

Talking Beauty with Mona Kattan

We sat with Mona as she was getting all dolled up in her famous Dollhouse salon – hair curlers on point. Amongst hair dryers blowing, nail artists creating and girly chit chat among all of the girls at the salon – we sat and asked her the ins and outs of her beauty routine. Heres what she had to say!

What is your ultimate beauty secret?

Mona: I’d say it is to focus on your skin – don’t over wash, don’t over layer with products, keep it simple and be gentle. I personally use toner instead of washing.

Dina Zahran

What is your morning beauty ritual?

Mona: I like to keep it simple - especially when its so early; I simply apply serum and eye cream to start off my day and ofcourse make sure I always drink plenty of water!

What is a beauty rule you believe every woman should abide by?

Mona: It's super important to know your color tones - your hair colorand your eyebrow color specifically! These should always match your makeup color choice to make sure that the tones are all flawless!


 If you were stuck on an island and had to take 3 things with you what would you take?

Mona: It would probably be my iPhone so I could have my music and of course Instagram! Also Lip Balm and Eye Cream to stay moisturized!

 How would you describe your style? Who is your style icon?

Mona:I would describe my style as funky and quirky but still feminine! My style icon HAS to be Ri-hanna because she likes to take risks.

Mona Kattan

We believe fashion is the ultimate beauty accessory, do you agree? And Why?

Mona:For sure! I feel beauty is about having amazing skin, hair, and eyebrows. You can see a woman wearing a simple black dress and no accessories and but still radiating beauty because of her hair and skin!


And that’s a wrap for this edition of beauty closet! We loved getting to know Mona and all of her beauty secrets! Follow her @monakattan for a glimpse into her fabulous life of fashion and beauty.