Fragrance Insider: Kat Lebrasse

Fragrance Insider: Kat Lebrasse

But who doesn’t love a good fragrance?!

Us girls at Wojooh can’t live without our signature scents – so we decided to pay a visit to some of our favorite beauty insiders to get the low down on their fragrance fancies!

For today’s edition of our Wojooh Fragrance Insider, we sit with Kat Lebrasse – blogger, stylist, and journalist. Kat Lebrasse is your everyday, stylish, jet-setting, girl next door with a flair for fashion and beauty! Kat now works as a freelance Fashion Stylist, who blogs about her fashion adventures on

Fragrance Insider: Kat Lebrasse

Talking Fragrance with Kat

What fragrance are you sporting these days?

Kat: My latest favorite is Narciso Eau de Toilette

Do you remember the first fragrance you ever wore? Would you still wear it now?

Kat: Tommy Hilfiger. I wouldn't wear it now. My tastes have definitely developed since my late high school years!

What types of fragrances do you usually go for?

Kat: I like strong musky scents. Not too floral or sweet, but I don't tend to enjoy anything too oriental either.

What are your favorite fragrance notes?

Kat: My favorite fragrances have vanilla and sandalwood foundations.

Fragrance Insider: Kat Lebrasse

What was the last fragrance you bought?

Kat: The new Narciso Rodriguez was my last purchase – if I can remember correctly!

Do you ever layer your fragrances? If so, can you spill your secret recipe?

Kat: I've never layered fragrances actually. Maybe it’s something I should try!

What fragrance would you gift a man/woman?

Kat: I think it’s very difficult to gift a fragrance as it’s such a personal thing. If I were to gift a fragrance, I would first check their tastes in current fragrances and go with the same fragrance notes as their tried and tested favorites.


Do you have a separate scent for day and night? If so, what are they?

Kat: I like to wear a stronger scent in the evening, in which case I would go for Tom Ford Black Orchid. During the daytime, I'm more likely to stick with Dior Addict or Narciso EDT.



Name your top 3 fragrances of all time:

Kat: Dior, Addict Tom Ford, Black Orchid, Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle.

Do you tend to experiment with new scents, or do you prefer to stick with your all-time favorites?

Kat: I'm pretty loyal to my fragrances. Over the years, I've consistently purchased 2 fragrances that I never get sick of. I go back to them time and time again. I don't mind trying new ones that enter the market but I certainly do end up back where I started with my favorites.


And that’s a wrap for this edition of fragrance insider! We loved getting to know Kat and all of her fragrance secrets! Follow her @lebrasseacoeur for a glimpse into her fabulous life of fashion and beauty.