In the world of astrology, everything is ruled by the planets and the stars including the flowers and plants that go into creating the perfumes that we grow to love, and no one knows more about fragrances than Wojooh. Your horoscope not only tells you a lot about yourself but also about your fragrance fancies!

To satisfy your curiosity, and maybe even find a new favorite scent, our experts will walk you through the essences that are linked to the zodiac sign of the month. Get ready for a fragrance horoscope for the delicate Pisces.

Pisces women are delicate yet strong, just like flowers but with a kick of spice. Perfumes with a strong floral bouquet including cassis, jasmine, and gardenia are all notes for Pisces since it makes them dream.Pisces women are very romantic and once these scents touch their skin, it will transform into a powerful dream that induces memories and scenes that may satisfy their desire to be mysterious, alluring, and playfully provocative.

Our first choice for you is “Hot Couture by Givenchy”. This glamorous fragrance is dedicated to insinuate perfection; it is sensual and glamourous with notes of amber, cedar, magnolia and lilies. This scent is a staple, making it easy for you to dream the day away thanks to it irresistible charm.


Our second choice is no other than “Romantina by Juliette Has a Gun”. A love story in a bottle with rich sensual accords and an extra pinch of bourbon vanilla that promises a unique character and experience of the scent if a Pisces tries it on. With intense white flowers, orange blossom, jasmine and lily of the valley this scent will give you a romantic and dreamlike vibes.



Last but not least is “Love Story by Chloe” a perfume inspired by Parisian romance and love padlocks on the Pont des Arts. It is infused with unreal and imaginative composition for mysterious and romantic women like most Pisces. With top notes of jasmine, neroli and orange blossom leading you to passion and mystery.


Pisces Fragrances


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