In the world of astrology, everything is ruled by the planets and the stars including the flowers and plants that go into creating the perfumes that we grow to love, and no one knows more about fragrances than Wojooh. Your horoscope not only tells you a lot about yourself but also about your fragrance fancies!

To satisfy your curiosity, and maybe even find a new favorite scent, our experts will walk you through the essences that are linked to the zodiac sign of the month. Get ready for a fragrance horoscope for the outdoorsy Aries.

Aries women are always ready for action, and they require a lot of activity because they love a good adventure. The scents that go really well with their vibrant personality are green fragrances, with notes of green leaves, vines, and woodsy moss, alongside citrusy notes, that will bring out their impulsive self and the sportiness of their pioneering spirit. When Aries women wear these scents, they feel a sense of adventure and it makes them happy and vibrant as these scents remind them of the great outdoors and make them think of exploring new worlds.

Our first choice for you is the Wojooh.com available fragrance “Acqua di Gioia Essenza by Giorgio Armani”. This fragrance is fresh and sparkling with a hint of Amalfi lemon. It contains notes of citrus and mint with additional accords of cedar and pink pepper. The green leaves heart of the essence reveal a vibrant undertone making it Aries-perfect thanks to a fresh and adventurous feel.


Our second choice is no other than “Happy Perfume by Clinique”. A fragrance of joy, happiness and sunny days. It is devoted to an outgoing, strong, and sophisticated woman, which at the same time strives for simplicity. It is captured in a simple and elegant bottle with notes of fresh apples, plums musk and vines. The Aries women who loves green scents can get double the sparkling qualities in this perfume.



Last but not least is “L’Eau Couture by Elie Saab”, an olfactory continuation of the designer’s vision of capturing the ecstasy of nature blossoming in an urban springtime setting. With notes of green almonds, moss and vanilla, this scent is the perfect combination to your astrological sign since it embodies freshness, sensuality and absolute simple sophistication.


Aries Fragrances


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