Avocado for Skin

How and Where to Apply Face Oil!!


The Month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, purity and of course love. Here at Wojooh we believe that each and every one of you possess a natural beauty – worthy of some pampering. So during the Month, Wojooh urges you to take out your makeup remover and go back to basics.

One of Wojoohs favorite ways to moisturize and take care of our skin is with oils. Most natural oils serve as potent anti-oxidants, so they make for the perfect canvas before applying any moisturizing creams, anti-aging creams or even foundation to the face.

Applying face oil prior to your daily skin routine allows for much better absorption of any moisturizing lotions or other such products. The face oil tricks the skin into letting important ingredients – like vitamin C and glycolic acid – from your natural skin complexion, open up and become active. Subsequently, any product you put ontop of this oiled up canvas will go deeper into the skin and closer to your collagen producing fibroblasts.

Oil is also a favorite in the world of anti-aging and really aids in plumping the skin in the most natural way possible. When wrinkles begin to appear deeper it is a sign that your natural skin oils have decreased, making your moister barrier a lot less active and your skin can tend to dry out. Because oils are lipophilic they enter the layers of your skin much faster, plumping your skin with moister more effectively than any other type of anti-aging cream or remedy – which usually only contains a little bit of oil.

Using oil as a base for makeup is also a very effective way of ensuring that your look with last from day to night. Applying face oil really helps in opening up all your pores – more than a moisturizing lotion – so that when you put on that layer of foundation on it’s really going deep into the skin. Remember if you use this tip for your make up routine don’t forget to properly clean your face at the end of the day to ensure that you have removed the makeup residue from your face!

Now that you know all the benefits of using face oils, Wojooh wants to make sure you are applying it in the most effective way! The ultimate touch points to apply any facial oils are 1- the cheeks, 2- the forehead and 3- the chin. Apply 3 small drops of oil on each touch point and press gently. Begin to rub in and massage the oil into the skin using upward motions on each 3 areas. Last but not least, wipe some oil over the lips in a circular motion and then on the nose in an upward motion. Now let the oil sit, and enjoy the benefits and results of using natural skin oils.

Pass by Wojooh during the month of Ramadan and enjoy expert advice from our skincare specialists – you can even book a complimentary skin consultation in our private beauty rooms during the entire month by calling your nearest Wojooh store. Enjoy pampering yourself during this month of purity – you deserve it, Ramadan Kareem to all our beauty lovers from Wojooh!


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