We all have those beauty products that we cannot live without – that permanently live in our makeup bags! It’s super important to always make sure that the products we use and abuse are not past their prime, because believe it or not, all of our beloved makeup essentials actually do EXPIRE. Check out Wojooh’s round up of when to toss out – and, of course, replace your favorite makeup items!



Time to toss: 3 months

No-one likes a clumpy mascara! Wojooh recommends replacing your mascara every 3 months, to make sure you always get that lengthening and thickening quality for your lashes!

Liquid Liner


Time to toss: 3-6 months

After sporting about 50 cat eyes – it’s safe to say that your liquid liner needs to be replaced! The liquid thickens over time and eventually dries out, not giving you that dark stroke you look for in your liner. Wojooh recommends replacing your favorite liquid liner after 3-6 months of use.

Liquid Foundation


Time to toss: 6 – 12 months

Found that perfect shade, texture and finish in a liquid foundation? Our foundation is something most of us girls use every day – so its super important to know when it’s time to replenish the bottle. Wojooh recommends having a quick refresh every 6-12 months to avoid any streaky or uneven finish!

Nail Polish


Time to toss: 1 year

Make up pet peeve: gooey nail polish! Once your polish gets gooey and stringy it’s safe to say it’s time to toss it out. Wojooh recommends replacing your nail polish every year depending on how often you use it – if you use it quite frequently you may need to replace it after 6 months of use.



Time to toss: 2 years

Whether you’re a hot pink, daring red or a more neutral kind of girl - we all have that one lipstick that’s the perfect fit! Good news – your lipstick can live up to 2 years. Wojooh says to watch out if it starts to dry out before the 2 year mark, depending on the formula you may need to replace it a tad bit earlier!


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