An End of Year Beauty Mashup from Wojooh!

What better way to end the year than with a bang! Wojooh is celebrating the festive season with some of our region’s top fashion and beauty influencers. We rounded up our favorite beauty lovers and asked them to let us in on their favorite beauty secrets from 2015 to share with you all. Check them out!

An End of Year Beauty Mashup from Wojooh

Natasha Zaki

Professional makeup artist and creator of Glossy Makeup - @glossymakeup

False Lashes have been the Ultimate accessory this year! I don't know about you but I can't attend a party without a girl asking me what lash style I'm wearing! Here are a few tips which have helped me enormously in applying falsies to myself and others! When taking them out of the packet measure the lashes to your eyes. Always cut off the excess on the lash strip on either end. If the eyelashes are too long for your eyes or you only want to have corner lashes, then cut your falsies in half! Apply glue to the lash strip and give it a shake to help make the glue sticky so it can easily adhere to your lashes. Press on your lashes using a lash applicator in the middle of your lash line and then stick down the outer edge and then the inner corner. Add some mascara to merge your lashes with the falsies and you’re good to go!

Rita Dahdah

Digital influencer and ultimate Wanderluster - @riri_dada

I love dark lipstick because, when worn right, it can make a woman look and feel so fierce, powerful and elegant. For a dark lip, my favorite is the MAC lip liner in "Plum" - it looks better, bolder and lasts longer than lipstick. Start by contouring your lips then fill out the rest. If you have small lips, apply a nude lipstick to the middle part of your lower lip to give it a pop. I recommend Tom Ford "First Time" or Bassam Fattouh "True Beige". You can also add some highlighter right above your upper lip to bring out your pout. Because dark lipstick is already a statement, keep your eye makeup to a minimum; cat eye or a natural but sultry eye shadow like Urban Decay "Toasted". Trend alert: black lipstick.

Sheida Fashionista

One of the most common questions I get asked is how I fill in my brows. Your eyebrows are what shapes you face, they shouldn't take over your face but rather compliment your features. So how do I do it? I start by drawing the shape of the desired brow (following the original shape) with a brow pencil (Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills). I make sure not to draw on the front of the brow as naturally that's where your brows are more sparse, and you want your brows to look natural, not just too blocks above your eyes! I then fill in the brow with a brow powder (Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills) concentrating mainly on the end of the brow (this is where you want the darkest point to be. I then clean around the shape with a concealer, (Mac Studio Finish Concealer NC20) and blend! Voila!

Dina Zahran

Owner of Dinz Clothing and local fashionista

The most important makeup routine for me is my everyday makeup and it involves 5 minutes and 5 products; first I put concealer on my under eyes, eyelids, and on any blemishes. Then I apply bronzer on my cheekbones and all over my face, followed by a light pink blusher on my cheeks. Then the most important step is loads of mascara to really open up my eyes. Then lastly I apply a long lasting lipgloss or lipstick. My two favorites are Wojooh Lipstuck and YSL’s Glossy Stain. Most of the time I go for a light pink, and when I want a more bold look I go for a fuchsia or red lip.

An End of Year Beauty Mashup from Wojooh

Shanaz Saleem

Beauty Obsessed - @shahnazsaleem

I have been trying a new product in my everyday makeup routine for the past few months, it made a huge difference to my looks as well as my skin. The product is a facial oil! Facial oils can be used in so many different ways, for me, I use it as a day/night moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated. If you don't keep your skin moisturized and hydrated, your makeup will never look good! I also mix it in with my foundation and concealer to make a thin consistency and add a bit of glow to my face. If your gel liner or brow gel is dry, you can add one or two drops of a facial oil to it and it will be as good as new!

Mona Kattan

Founder of beauty salon The Dollhouse, and ultimate socialista of Dubai - @monakattan

Bushy is back! I definitely think that filling in your eyebrows has now become a must! Big bushy eyebrows instantly make you look more youthful and more soft--(if it's done right)! It's really really important to keep it natural though. A lot of girls darken their eyebrows too much or go out of their eyebrow shape with shadow or eyebrow liners. I think the best way to make sure you stay natural is to start with a color one shade lighter than your hair color or eyebrow color and start really slow with very little product on your brush. I usually like to first use an eyebrow mascara and then go over it with an eyebrow paste or gel with a slanted brush. It's not always easy to do but practice makes perfect! I suggest watching YouTube tutorials if you need help, my sister Huda Kattan has a few up on her channel! Check it out!

Alreem Saif

Beauty lover and owner of AlMayasah Collection - @alreemsaif

One of my best makeup tricks which I rarely ever leave the house without is double concealer! So many women and girls complain of dark circles and dull looking skin due to lack of sleep or stress, but doing this trick insures you'd leave your house looking ever so fresh and ready to conquer the day! All you need to do is first layer a base layer of high coverage concealer which is close to your skin tone. This will work on covering the dark circles and under eye bags you might suffer from. Then, use a light weight concealer which is 2 to 3 shades lighter than your skin to brighten things up and give you a fresh look and glow. Blend everything with a wet beauty sponge, and then set with a light colored loose powder!

Dana Malhas

Fashion entrepreneur and co-owner of Cream Boutique - @creamjeddah

I can never leave the house without my winged eyeliner, and I can never wear my winged eyeliner unless it perfect, so I had to learn how to do it, and do it fast since Im always on the run. As a start, in winter days, when Im not so tanned, I like to use the color brown so the contrast between the eyeliner and my skin is not too much, whereas in the summer, with the perfect tan and the curly light hair, I like to use the black color to highlight my eye color. I usually start applying it from the middle and to the outside following the shape of my eye as I do not like forcing a certain shape, I like to keep it natural so I don't change much in my look. after that, I go back to the inside of the eye and draw a very thin line until it connects to the middle. Once that is done, I just keep correcting and making sure that both eyes look as symmetrical as possible.

An End of Year Beauty Mashup from Wojooh

Dina Al Sharif

Makeup artist - @dinalsharif

The makeup world keeps on changing, but one thing remains the same: the importance of healthy skin. You can have gorgeous eyebrows and your contour on fleek, but without good skin, you will not look your best. It’s just like painting on a dirty canvas. I don’t see people spending enough time on skin care. Spend more time preparing your skin than actually applying the makeup onto it! Never forget to moisturize; it's super important. Don’t go out without sunblock. Use facial masks. DRINK WATER! I think this is a matter that should not be neglected by anyone like it is nowadays. And this would be my most valuable tip at the moment for my valuable followers. With love, dinalsharif

Nadine Abdel Aziz

Reality TV Star, entrepreneur, and ultimate fashion icon - @nadineabdelaziz

I would always recommend the girls to go with a light foundation and focus on the eyes as they are the essentials of the face. A long eyeliner with the perfect lashes can always get your glamorous look on point and gets a woman ready for the night. Some of my makeup tricks and tips would be to keep your eyes open when creating the tail of your cat-eye, so you can see exactly how the flick will look with your eye open and remember to apply the bronzer in a triangular shape on your cheeks for a naturally flushed look.

Rosemin Manji

Fashion Director and ultimate socialista - @roseminm

There are a few products I just can’t live without and after living in humidity and hot climate for many years I can honestly say these have passed the test! Make up forever aqua range is excellent my personal favorites are Aqua Lash Volume Mascara and Aqua Black pot, but invest in a good brush. The color density is strong and truly stays on until you wipe it off with waterproof eye remover. Another product which I have been using for over 15 years is Sisley Gommage. Put a light layer on your clean skin and leave on for 10mins and gently roll off. Your skin will be exfoliated and glowing!



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