Fragrance Insider - Boss Bottled Oud

Fragrance Insider: Boss Bottled Oud

BOSS BOTTLED OUD is a magnificent amber fougere, in which spicy, animalic and leather facets are fused with redolent oud woods.

Delectable fruit notes of bergamot, apple and plum rest on an aromatic elixir of geranium, clove and cinnamon, fused with rare saffron and evocative labdanum resin. The scent’s base is pure animal magnetism: precious oud laced with smoky cypriol and gaiac wood, rich in leather, resting on the deepest and driest woods. The result is sumptuous, sensual, utterly compelling.

The Story

The Man of Today has reinvented masculinity so that it exists outside the straightjacket of convention. Inspired, he creates his own definition of success. In him, we see courage, strength, integrity and style.

Above all, the Man of Today is a connoisseur. He lives his life with discernment, relishing luxury, while remaining grounded. His passion for oud, a magnificent rarity also known as agar or agarwood, is a powerful symbol of this refinement.

Rich, dark, mysterious, this precious and potent resin originates deep in the heartwood of the evergreen Aquilaria tree, one of nature’s most remarkable and consummate bounties. Top quality agarwood is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world, making it an exceptional ingredient within the perfumer’s arsenal. Agarwood oil is worth more than gold, celebrated throughout ages and cultures for the opulence it lends to the finest incense and perfumes. It has been prized by kings as it has been shared between lovers.

This unique substance is created when the Aquilaria tree is infected by a parasitic mould. The tree responds by producing a rich, dark, aromatic resin. This resin is distilled to become pure oud oil extract, then combined with the tree’s brown and white woods. The quality of the blend depends on the precise ratio between these three elements.

The Heritage


Boss Bottled OUD is a new and idiosyncratic scent that joins Boss Bottled as a fragrant expression of the Man of Today’s style and modernity. Prized as a contemporary classic across the globe, Boss Bottled boasts a 16 year-heritage, with over 57 million bottles sold. The flacon for Boss Bottled OUD echoes the design of Boss Bottled, rendered in plush gold and brown; the effect is that of the sleekest splendour.

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