Avocado for Skin

The Miracle Fruit!


The Month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, purity and of course love. Here at Wojooh we believe that each and every one of you possess a natural beauty – worthy of some pampering. So during the Month, let’s take out our makeup remover and go back to basics.

This month, Wojooh is exploring all the benefits of natural ingredients for skin care and we cant help but notice the trending topic of the miracle fruit (and yes, it is a fruit) – the avocado. This pear shaped fruit is loaded with essential nutrients – not only for your diet – but also for your skin. Avocados are known to be among the healthiest in natural ingredients, containing over 25 nutrients and minerals that are essential for overall health. In terms of beauty and skincare, avocados can be used for hair growth, dark circle corrections, acne remedies, and anti-aging.

Avocados contain vitamin A, which helps getting rid of any dead skin cells. The glutamine amino acid in avocados also help in cleansing your skin, keeping it healthy and above all protecting it – especially in harsh and warm climates, very present in our region.

Using avocados is a great way to naturally nourish and take care of your skin, without having to use any abrasive chemicals. Avocado oil is commonly used in beauty products such as moisturizers, cleanses, hair conditioners and facials - because they are such a good source of essential nutrients. Wojooh recommends to make sure that when sourcing products that contain avocado oil you are going for an all natural product that dosent contain any chemicals. This just counter acts the natural benefits of our favourite fruit!

To experience the benefits of the avocado, Wojooh is sharing its favorite at home D.I.Y recipe for an all natural avocado facemask – most of the ingredients can be found right in your kitchen!

For this facemask you will need:

-          Half a ripe avocado

-          Half a ripe banana

-          1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt

-          1 tablespoon of chopped cucumber

-          1 tablespoon of olive oil

Mix the ingredients together in a blender – and voila, your mask is ready! For best results add a thick layer of the mask to your face, let it sit for 20-30 mins before carefully rinsing it all off.

Pass by Wojooh during the month of Ramadan and enjoy expert advice from our skincare specialists – you can even book a complimentary skin consultation in our private beauty rooms during the entire month by calling your nearest Wojooh store. Enjoy pampering yourself during this month of purity – you deserve it, Ramadan Kareem to all our beauty lovers from Wojooh!


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