Skincare Through the Ages for Him

Wojooh understands the complexity of aging gracefully and what it implies for your skin – especially for him. We decided to reveal some new skin care products to help your skin be as youthful as you are. The result: a long list of the must have products according to your age group in order to get your skin glowing.

Skincare Through The Ages for Him

In Your Twenties

By age 20, Wojooh recommends a lightweight regimen of the best products. Start with basics; use the “Gel Nettoyant Ultime” by Lancôme for your daily facial cleansing. It has an easy to rinse formula and is a non-drying gel that works well with all skin types and that will leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Now that your skin is ready apply the Shiseido “Men Moisturizing Emulsion”; a creamy quick absorbing emulsion that will bring exceptional moisture and comfort to your skin. The cream will help sooth razor burn and will diminish redness and dryness as well as protect you against moisture loss to leave your skin smooth and fit.

Your eyes should also grab your attention, we propose the Clarins' new “Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum”; an energizing eye serum to smooth fine lines, diminish dark circles and reduce puffiness. Leaving your eyes looking fresher and brighter.

Another key product would be sunscreen, apply it daily to prevent dark spots and we recommend the “Multi-Protection Sun Sport SPF 15” by Lancaster. The Sun sport multi-protection express mist is water and sweat resistant and can be easily applied on wet or dry skin without leaving any marks.


Skincare Through The Ages for Him

In Your Thirties

By age 30, you may have started to notice signs of aging caused by circumstances that can take a toll on your skin, like stress or pollution. This makes your 30s the perfect time to add additional products to your regimen for a serious boost in results.

Start by exfoliating, we recommend the “Men Exfoliating Cleanser” by Clarins; a deep- cleansing water activated gel that turns into a silky moose that gently removes embedded sweat, oil and dead cells. Apply it on your damp skin avoiding your eye area and massage gently before rinsing for ultimate effect.

Add your essential sunscreen to the mix with Shiseido’s “Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream SPF 30”; a mild, lightweight and non-sticky sun protection cream formulated to inhibit enzyme activity, cell damage and DNA damage leaving you with a soft and healthy looking skin shielded from UVA/UVB rays.

Also new on your list should be a skin firming cream and we recommend the Molton Brown “Skin-Firm Lipoamino Hydrator”; a powerful moisturizer that fights against signs of aging and provides multiple benefits of firming, smoothing and hydrating your skin. It contains rich blends of hinoki oil & plant-derived lipoamino acid that reduce appearance of existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones; Leaving your skin velvety smooth, supple and youthful.

Add new areas to your regimen like your lips; use the “Collagen Lip Filler” from L’Oreal a rejuvenating lip treatment duo comprising of a lip smoothing cream with collagen biospheres that will help smooth wrinkles and re-define your lips.


Skincare Through The Ages for Him

In Your Fourties

By age 40, you may feel you finally have an effective skin-care routine. However, the hormonal experiences that occur in the 40s may require some simple tweaks to your routine to ensure you make it through the decade with a youthful glow.

Invest in an excellent skin lightener to fight off the brown spots like the “White Perfect Toner” by L’Oreal; a toner that brings the pore size to normal and prevents the formation of dark spots for a fair, flawless complexion. Upgrade your moisturizer by using the Age Defense Hydrator SPF 15” by Clinique to have an intense, immediate, continuous moisturization with complete sun protection and don’t forget to dab some of it on your neck for a smoother neckline.

Take care of eyes and fight the lines with the Lancôme “Men Renergy 3D eye cream” that will re-ignite the youthful light of your eyes. It will reduce the look of every key visible sign of eye aging: fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and dryness.

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