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LOVE STORY Eau De Toilette 75ml

470 SAR

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470 SAR


The fragrance of orange blossom, fresh and floral, mingles with the scent of the dew. A symbol of love, a flower given by those who finally dare to bare their heart. A memory of a fervent stroll in a silent city, hand in hand, skin on skin. Prunus flower reveals its intense green facet, utterly refined, heightened by a dewy floral accord, marked with carefree joy. A smile. Nothing is ever pre-written. In the palm of her hand, a lucky charm. A padlock, universal symbol of love, a treasured emblem of the Maison Chloé. A glass jewel adorned with grooves that evoke the pleats in a wispy dress. Fresher, more floral, more sensual, Love Story Eau de Toilette is a new love story. Pure seduction, to be worn on bare skin.

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